Monday, February 8, 2010

Being a great trainer

During this "Women's Get Some Challenge" it reminds me to be the best trainer I can for you guys. Please use me for anything. If you have any questions, want training/nutrition advice or just want to talk about your progress. This goes for anyone, anytime, challenge or no challenge. We are here for you. As you can see in this clip, trainers really care. If only I could be as good as Craig one day. At least I have something to strive for!...(The Spanish subtitles for our non-English speaking folks :)


  1. I have a question, oh wise trainer. How much can we expect to improve over 8 weeks? If we do all the right stuff, what you tell us to do and are right on with nutrition what would that mean for us?
    I obviously can't make it to class nearly enough but I am trying to do stuff at home (any pointers there would be great too).
    I was one of those on Saturday that was surprised at how hard it was for me.

  2. It will obviously vary from person to person. If you are eating right, getting enough sleep, doing a little extra each day, thinking positive and visualizing yourself getting stronger, you could see significant improvements. All of these areas are equally important. It will also be a collabortive effort between you, Mike & I to make sure you stay on track. I think you are going to surprise yourself.

  3. I'm pretty sure those subtitles are Portuguese. Just sayin.

  4. My bad, it's for our Portuguese folks!