Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Member Spotlight: KAREN BAILEY

This month marks the one year anniversary for Karen here at CrossFitWorks. I thought it would be fitting to highlight her, and let everyone know a little more about Karen Bailey.
One day last February, after picking up her dogs from the groomers, she noticed the CrossFit Gym sign out front. She knew of CrossFit, and had checked out the website before, so she peeked inside. The first person Karen saw was Mike Heinz who she recognized from their work as medics. They talked a little bit, she picked up a flyer and the rest is history! When Karen came to us she'd already lost 10 lbs but wanted to lose 15 more. She knew she wanted to get in better shape, and had been pretty successful doing so with her own workouts and following the "3 apple a day diet." However, Karen knew she needed something more, and CrossFit was the answer. After fine tuning her eating, where she now is 85-90% paleo and an eyeballing zoner, Karen has lost those last 15 pounds and is ready to put on a little more muscle. Karen is part of the 9am class and has been a blast to train. She always gives it her all, even if she just came from an overnight shift! Introduce yourself to Karen next time you see her, you'll be glad to know her.

Here are some more interesting facts about Karen...

Age: 43, will be 44 in April, what?!?!

Occupation: Flight medic with Arizona Lifeline for 5 years. Medic for 10 years. Staying lean is crucial in her line of work. Weight is a very important issue when you are flying in a helicopter!

Favorite lift: Shoulder press

Least favorite lift: Deadlift (I should clarify, she likes all the lifts, this one's just the most challenging)

Favorite WOD: Christine- 13:24, she holds the top spot on the record board!

Least Favorite WOD: Karen- 8:41, how ironic.

Goals: Start adding on more muscle, and like everybody-getting stronger!

Hobbies/Interests: Competing, loves to work out. Playing and watching sports, walking the dogs, traveling and hanging with friends. "Before CrossFit I didn't have the energy to do all the stuff I love, and now I do! I'm also sleeping better when I'm eating right and working out." -Karen Bailey


  1. Karen is the best crossfitting fight nurse I ever met!!! I don't know that I ever see her without a smile on her face. What a great inspiration.
    I miss my 9 am class.

  2. Hey Ellie! We miss you too! When are you coming back?

  3. I've been there the last two fridays. Where have you been? Monday thru Thursday I'm in school.

  4. At the station, but I will be there tomorrow!

  5. Inspirational! Go Karen! Jenny, what a cool thing to do in featuring a member.

  6. Thanks Stephen, it was fun to highlight Karen! There will be more to come...