Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A visitor at my "other" job

Yesterday I had the pleasure of giving Ellie, Pancho & a couple kiddos a tour of our new fire station. It was so nice of them to come visit and check out my "second" home. The kids had a great time! It's always fun having friends over to the station. Ellie, thanks again for the salad and cookies. The guys devoured the cookies before I came back upstairs! They were very happy :)

It's really nice that firefighting and CrossFit go hand in hand. Obviously it's very important for firefighters to stay in shape. However, it's one thing to run and lift weights, and a totally different thing to do CrossFit. CrossFit has gotten me in much better shape for the job. The workouts are more functional, fun and a lot shorter! :) The thing that's most important to me though, is that CrossFit has gotten me in better shape for LIVING. I've seen improvements in all aspects of my life. I'm very fortunate to be a firefighter and I'm even more fortunate to be a firefighter who does CrossFit!!!


  1. Thanks for your service in protecting life and property in Tucson! And thank God you do CrossFit! I agree completely about the unique spillover benefits of CF training in all other areas of life. It really is REAL health care reform. Hi from Midori too. Take care!

  2. Thanks Steve & Midori! You two are an excellent example of CrossFit at it's best. The results and improvements you guys have had are amazing! Hope to see you competing at the open!